Here are a few places where a drop or two of the drink they call mother’s ruin could bring you to the tears the colourless tipple is famous for inducing.

Junipalooza 2015 will be returning to Soho, providing a measure of international flair to the gin drinking scene as 24 ginsmiths from across the globe gather with several litres of the good stuff.

Now in its second year, the event was created for gin lovers that want to drink rather than listen to hour-long talks about the juniper berry. Taste and quality are paramount with exhibitors promising to keep your glass full so long as you’re not drunk and staggering around the venue spilling the precious stuff (let’s face it there’s always one).

£12.50 will buy you three hours of gin drinking pleasure. Book tickets in advance for the event held 13 – 14 June at the Vinyl Factory on Poland Street, Soho.

For a more relaxed take on gin drinking, head east to one of the Rocket restaurants in Holborn, Bishopgate, Canary Wharf and the city. They’re bringing four brand new gin-based cocktails to the table to mark the occasion; the savoury mare nostrum with gin mare, zesty gin zing, rose flavoured Hendrick’s gin and Martin Miller’s gin with fresh berries.

Don’t think we’ve forgotten you singles. How’s about a little romance on World Gin Day? Get yourself to the gin get together held at Moo Cantina on Brick Lane. Gin and dating with ‘speeddater’ offers a whirlwind gin taster session and history on its production. Grab yourself some attention from the opposite sex, there’s a strict 50/50 ratio in place.

Talking of history, events this year are located around the area where the 18th century engraver and chronicler of London street life William Hogarth based his fictional Gin Lane. Gin houses are a thing of the past and it’s unlikely that you’ll see half naked gin soaked wretches staggering the streets, but this is London so don’t rule it out.