Looking for a getaway? Escape the cold with a relaxing dip in a hotspring. Here are TNT’s top five of the best hotsprings in the world.

1. Bath, England

What: Britain’s only natural hot springs in the historic city of Bath, where locals have chilled-out in the city’s mineral-rich, warm waters for more than 2000 years.
At Thermae Bath Spa, visitors choose from a two or four-hour spa session which includes aromatic steam rooms and an open-air pool with knockout views of Bath’s skyline. 
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2. Aquacity, Slovakia

What: Sited in Slovakia’s High Tatras Mountains, this futuristic water park has been lauded for its green credentials – it uses solar and geothermal energy.
It is home to outdoor and indoor thermal baths, an Olympic-sized pool, swim-up bar and a snow cave.
Get more info: aquacityresort.com

3. Blue Lagoon, iceland

What: One of Iceland’s most popular attractions, the giant outdoor geothermal pools are rich in natural mineral salts and algae,
and are said to have a curative effect on the skin, especially for those suffering from psoriasis.
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4. Beppu, Japan

What: Famed for its hot-spring resorts, Beppu is the place to head if you’re after a good soak.
Hot water baths aside, visitors can also choose to be buried up their neck in hot sand or indulge in a gloriously gloopy mud bath.  
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5.  Ischia, Italy

What: The volcanic island of Ischia at the northern end of the Bay of Naples is awash with soothing hot springs,
all of which boast different salinity and curative properties, where you can bliss out in a picturesque setting.
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– Janine Kelso