Can man live on Cumberland alone? Dare we close our borders to a whole continent’s worth of sausage? Adiós to chorizo and arrivederci to salsiccia? Is it time to stand united through our Europe wide and undisputed love of sausage? Sausage legends Herman ze German are attempting to help Londoners make one of ze most important democratic decisions of a generation with the aptly named ze Big Brexit Dog. Whether punters are camp Cameron and dreaming of a European utopia or backing Boris for a British Brexit, order Ze Big Brexit Dog and a clip of Boris Johnson singing Ode To Joy will be played out across the restaurant from the mighty megaphone. Sounds like hell to me. 

Herman ze German’s dishes are made from the finest produce and ingredients straight from the Black Forest, and this little bundle of political protein won’t be any different. All wurst are gluten and lactose-free, grilled to perfection and served with a selection of famous toppings. All this furious political debate calls for serious libations, thankfully Herman’s beer selection is second to none, featuring rare and exclusive brews from all over native Germany both in the bottle and on tap. 

With polling day fast approaching, the limited edition Ze Big Brexit Dog will be making its own Brexit before you can say “I’m still hungry!”