Bolivian indigenous farmer Carmelo Flores reportedly turned 123 according to government documents – which place the man’s date of birth in July of 1890. CNN and KPCC have raised some skepticism, claiming that the birth certificate is not original.

Guinness Book of World Records Gerontologist, Stephen Coles, says the majority of supercentenarians are women. Just two of the 57 people verified to having lived past 110 are male. The Gerontology Research Group established Flores’ actual age to be 107, according to his original baptismal certificate. 

Regardless of the exact date of Flores’ birth, walking without a cane after living more than a century is undoubtedly impressive. “I walk a lot,” Flores told Associated Press. Local Ilampu stream-water, and an Andean diet of potatoes, quinoa, and coca leaves are said to be the fountain of youth keeping Flores in top health.  

Image: YouTube