This story just really gets my goat. 

23-year-old Robert Newman from the town of Devizes in the county of Wiltshire pleaded guilty to a charge of having sex with a living animal at a Magistrate’s Court. He is due for sentencing on September 12 after a pre-sentence report has been prepared. 

That should make for some interesting reading. 

Newman originally denied the offence which took place sometime in April (Spring traditionally being mating season after all) but has since admitted his sexual crime. 

The 23-year-old has been released on conditional bail – these conditions include obeying a curfew between 7am and 7pm and a ban on him entering any farmland where ‘live animals are kept’. Better to be safe than sorry – or buggered, if you’re a Wiltshire goat. 

According to‘s Weird News page Mr Newman could be facing a maximum sentence of six months’ in prison on summary conviction, which I originally read as ‘summary execution‘ which I thought was a bit harsh, even for a convicted goat rapist. 

Goats are fairly stupid animals anyway, the one Newman penetrated probably didn’t even notice. 

Image: Getty