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What: Infectious reggae rhythms can be heard wherever you go in Jamaica. Fans of reggae music legend Bob Marley should check out the Bob Marley Experience and Theatre at the Half Moon Shopping Village in Montego Bay, where Jamaica’s most famous musical son is celebrated through music and memorabilia.
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World's top music destinations - new Orleans

New Orleans, USA

What: The birthplace of jazz is a hedonist’s paradise, especially during Mardi Gras, when revellers expose their naughty bits in exchange for shiny beads, while the city throbs to a soundtrack of funk, R’n’B, New Orleans Dixie and, of course, jazz.
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World's top music destinations - Cali

Cali, Colombia

What: The world capital of salsa, Colombia’s third largest city is loaded with gorgeous people and a wild nightlife. With almost 200 salsa schools and 80 salsa orchestras, Cali is the best place to learn the dance before trying out your moves in the sizzling clubs.
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World's top music destinations - Andalucia


Andalucia, Spain

What: The roots of flamenco music and dance can be found in Andalucia. Oozing with passion and mystery, flamenco is all acoustic guitar and finger snapping, brought to life by polka-dot-dress-clad dancers clutching fans and stamping their feet.
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World's top music destinations - Nashville

Nashville, USA

What: Nashville is the undisputed home of country music, where locals don cowboy hats and streets are named after country stars. Visit the Country Music Hall of Fame to see Elvis’s gold Cadillac and walk the line with Johnny Cash.
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Words: Janine Kelso