X Factor appears to have more of a yawn factor these days a viewers abandon the show in droves.

Judges on the talent show axed four of their acts last night as more than one million people, who would have once tuned in, switched off.

In last night’s X Factor, there were tears from the wannabes as James Michael, Jonjo Kerr, Amelia Lily and Essex duo 2Shoes were booted off.

Although Saturday night’s program hit a peak audience of 12.7million, it lost viewers as lengthy ad breaks broke the excitement. No doubt, there were tears from show bosses, too.

The average audience for the show's slot was 10.4million, the lowest for this stage of the contest since 2008.

The two-and-a-half hour show had just 32 minutes of singing.

Fans were were quick to complain online with Nick Binns writing: "X Factor was far, far, far too long. Even on Sky+ I have turned it off halfway through while Max Bilson tweeted: "X Factor dragged on too much".

In last night's surprise ejection, X Factor judge Louis Walsh was first to send tearful Jonjo Kerr, an infatryman, home after telling him: "I have agonised about the whole thing and we have gotten to know each other really well but I can only keep the people I think the public are

going to like the most."

Jonjo said Walsh had “broke my heart, man”

Walsh decided to keep Sami Brookes, Kitty Brucknell and Johnny Robinsoin in the competition.

Louis added: "It's been a really tough decision."

Kitty, who was revealed in Sunday newspaper reports to have previously worked as a stripper, was booed by the audience when told she was through.

Teenager Amelia Lily was also eliminated amid tears from judges and boos for survivor Kitty Brucknell.

Amelia, 16, was sent home by her own mentor Kelly Rowland, who broke down in tears as she revealed she was sparing Sophie Habibis instead.

Rowland also wept as she announced she was keeping Janet Devlin, Misha Bryan and Habibis in the competition, leaving Amelia Lily to be the fourth and final act eliminated from last night's show.

Kelly said: "Can I just say, the four of you ladies are so incredibly talented and unique".

Sending Amelia home, she told the audience: "You're going to see this girl everywhere. She is confident, she is talented, she is young."

Talking on Xtra Factor later about the 16-year-old, Kelly added: "She's so talented, I just remember the first time meeting her during the audition. I just feel like this is not the end of the road for her.

"She will get older, she will get better and she will come back and shock the world!"

Take That star Gary Barlow decided to keep Frankie Cocozza, Craig Colton and Marcus Collins in competition, leaving James Michael to be the second of four eliminated.

He said: "With only four left, of course it's going to be difficult. I've really based this on last night. I've found this weekend very useful and based on last night, the last boy I'm sending through is Frankie."

The third judge to send one of her four acts home was tearful Tulisa who wept after deciding to keep groups Rhythmix, The Risk and Nu Vibe in the competition, leaving Essex duo 2 Shoes to be the third of four acts eliminated.

Scotland's only X Factor contender Andrew Merry, from Ayr, was delighted to get through with his group The Risk.

Tulisa told the contestants: "Guys… you can't imagine how much of a hard decision this has been for me. I've spent the last three or four hours crying tears… but I've come to a decision."

Breaking the news to 2Shoes, Tulisa said: "I'm sorry girls, I couldn't even find a reason why but I just had to send one home."

The girls added: "We're just so proud to have made it this far, it's been amazing."