Tulisa Contostavlos was confronted by X Factor hopeful George Gerasimou who hurled insults at the new judge after she recognised him from a previous angry outburst on the show.

“I know him,” the N-Dubz singer said when he arrived on stage. “He's the one that slammed the mic down and told Simon (Cowell) to shut up,” she said referring to an incident that took place on the show in 2009.

Gerasimou had tried to butter up the the judges, saying: "I'm here to clear my name. Back then I was really quick tempered and whatnot, I was a trainwreck. That was two years ago, but I've grown up a lot since then.”

But within minutes the hot headed 19 year old had flown off the handle unleashing a torrent of abuse. 

After his tuneless rendition of Gimme Everything was cut short when the music was turned off he stormed over to Contostavlos demanding:

 “Why did you stop the music. Who are you? You’re just someone trying to replace Cheryl Cole."

Contostavlos hit back saying: "I don't think your attitude has changed at all. You came and stood right next to me, and I felt a lot of aggression off you. You're very angry. It's not a good vibe.”

Gerasimou shouted: “You’re some scumbag trying to replace Cheryl. Some scumbag from the block.”

Contostavlos hit back again: 'You’re here to be judged, and you know what you’ve just done? You’ve embarrassed yourself to the entire nation. I worked myself up from Camden Town and that’s why I’m here today.'

Contostavlos later admitted that she was tempted to smack the contestant, saying: “Well, if it was 10 years ago I would have, but I'm an X Factor judge now and I'm not allowed to do things like that.”





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