This latest image from the Red Planet has made alien fanatics nearly wet themselves with excitement. Upon first glance the image looks like just a landscape of scattered rocks. However, as the video (below) zooms in on particular lumps of rock, different shapes emerge.

With eerie music in the background the video zooms in on an area near Mount Sharp, Mars. We see what looks like a slithery black blob with a face, and as writing on the clip accounts this could be a “possible fur or mane at the base of head. Possibly eating something.” The presumptuous titles on the video go on: “Martian creature or something else?”

Then further back to the right, there’s another shape. This one looks more like ET with four legs. There’s a “possible head,” a “possible body,” a “possibly arms and legs.”  Could this be “an alien quadruped or trick of the light,” says text on the video, “as always, you decide.”

This is not the only recent spotting of potential Martian life forms on the Red Planet either. Stephen Hannard from Alien Disclosure UK has reams of bizarre interpretations on his YouTube account StephenHannardADGUK, including unidentified flying objects, alien hybrids and strange objects spotted at Gale Crater.

Image: StephenHannardADGUK

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