According to research carried out by the University of Kansas, it’s not just women who are feeling the pressure to perform during sex.

The study also reveals nearly 30 per cent of men have faked, citing feeling under pressure to orgasm when a partner’s climax was imminent as the main reason.

Other excuses – and these are the ego-damaging ones – include that they wanted the session to end or they were bored during intercourse.

The results of the study, which quizzed 281 men and women, were published in the Journal of Sex Research.

The report said: “The emphasis on men’s ability to give their partners ‘earth-shaking orgasms’ sometimes leads both women and men to pretend orgasm to meet these expectations.”

Sex expert Tracey Cox of the online erotic retailer Lovehoney told the Daily Mail that some women feel that they need to provide evidence that they’re enjoying themselves.

She added that they may also bluff as they find it difficult to orgasm from penetrative sex alone.