The creature, a fave with conspiracy theorists,  monster hunters and the Hendersons, was allegedly spotted in the Shorsky National Park. 

“The creature did not look like a bear and quickly disappeared after breaking some branches of the bushes,” government spokesman Sergei Adlyakov has said. 

In August a fisherman reported a sighting of two creatures drinking at edge of a river, creatures that did not look like bears of humans, and another sighting was reported in the Kuzbass region of Russia, too. 

An expedition is to be launched next month, along with a conference, to find this elusive creature and obtain evidence once and for all proving its existence. 

Head of the international Centre of Hominology Igor Burtsev said of the recent spate of sightings: “When homo sapiens started populating the world, it viciously exterminated its closest relative in the hominid family, Homo neanderthalensis. 

“Some of the Neanderthals, however, may have survived to this day in some mountainous wooded habitats that are more or less off limits to their arch foes.”

With the expedition to commence soon, expect news to come thick and fast. Mulder and Scully would be pleased.