Erena Louise Wilson, 31, who had been living in Hanwell, west London, died from “non-survivable head injuries”, West London Coroner’s Court was told today, after being hit by a 12-inch thick branch from a 60ft tall Lebanese cedar.

She was with two friends, who said a “loud crack like thunder” preceded the fatal blow.

Marcus Allan, 42, who worked with Wilson at a pub in Scotland before she moved to London, told the Evening Standard: “I have never met anyone like her. She was stunning, beautiful inside and out.”

Her workmates from Deluxe Digital Studios, a London media firm, also paid tribute.

“It is difficult to put into words how we all feel following the tragic passing of our colleague and friend Erena Wilson,” human resources manager Gez Lowry said outside the inquest.

“Whilst it’s hard to draw any comfort or understanding at this time, Erena’s colleagues are trying to focus on the good times they shared with her on a day to day basis.

“To us, Erena was a star.”

Police have been in contact with Wilson’s Auckland-based mother and Australia-based father.

Image via CC David Iliff