Who goes?
Anyone with time to kill before catching a flight. I had eight hours to get through before catching the first direct flight to Puerto Rico with Norwegian Air www.norwegian.com. Not only was my flight a first, but my stay at the Yotel was also a first for me. Although I spent a round six hours sound asleep, I also enjoyed the couple of hour’s awake time to. It was just so comfortable.


10/10 There are no outside windows in the cabins, but as the hotel is on top of Costa Coffee in the Arrivals Hall of South Terminal, who cares, there’s great coffee on offer. The location is what convinced me to give Yotel a try, the check in desk that I went to in the morning was less than a five minute walk from the lift door.


10/10 I was really impressed with all the staff that I met. On arrival the famous self-service check-in was not working, but the guy on reception (sorry I can’t remember his name) came straight to my rescue and had me settled into my room quickly and without fuss.

 I went back out to order food ten minutes later and a queue of impatient and grouchy customers had arrived, including one woman who had stuck at Gatwick all day waiting for a flight to JFK, that wasn’t going to come and had a lot to say about it. He did everything that he could to help and managed to keep calm and professional throughout the experience. Well done that man.

 Rooms and style 

8/10 I had visions of being crammed up in a tiny pod, but it wasn’t like that at all. I took a double cabin that reminded me of flying in a first class booth. The adjustable bed was very comfortable, at the end wass a flat screen TV with full entertainment system, plus a pull-out desk (free WiFi) and a bathroom separated by a glass screen with monsoon shower, basin and toilet. Ultra-modern and changeable lights to suit your mood or in my case, various moments.


Food and drink

7/10 Varied menu on offer; but I have to confess to keeping well away from the pot noodles. The food isn’t top end, but then what do you expect, this is a stop off hotel and not a place for a two week vacation. On a plus note they’ll bring food to your door any time day or night and there’s constant free coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

 Value for money

9/10 Absolutely brilliant at around £50 for an average overnight stay. If you find anything else with such good quality and at this price, be sure to let me know.

 Would you go again?

I’m a head of the game and booked into Yotel Heathrow next week. It’s a tough life being a travel editor. As they say you get what you pay for, but in this case I got so much more.

 Yotel, Ground Floor, Arrivals Concourse, South Terminal, Gatwick Airport, West Sussex RH6 0NN


James Clark