Three contestants have been axed from Red or Black in the wake of an outcry over last week’s £1 million prize winner, who was revealed to have beaten up a woman.

Nathan Hageman, who scooped the big money on Red or Black this weekend, had served two and a half years in prison for assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

ITV bosses are now carrying out stringent checks to make sure no more controversial contestants appear on the show.

Just hours before last night’s live show went on air, a male contestant was dropped amid fears that discrepancies in his information could be hiding criminal activity.

Bosses decided to dump two more contestants who were due to appear in tonight’s and Friday’s show.

ITV refused to reveal what the offences were or any details about the contestants but it is understood the crimes were not serious.

A source told the Daily Mail: “They were pretty low-level, but serious enough that producers decided to take them off.

“It is in everyone’s contract that they must disclose details of any criminal convictions.”

Hageman had been allowed on Red or Black despite the fact that producers knew he had a criminal record. He had claimed that he attacked a man, whereas in reality he was jailed for assaulting ex-girlfriend Amy McLean.

The Red or Black winner had told The Sun he started getting threatening calls from a man in Reading.

“I tried to brush it off but he kept saying he was going to harm me. One night he told me my address and said he was going to come round and batter me in front of my mum and niece Mya, who was only about two,” he said.

Hageman was convicted of ABH and aggravated burglary.

Hageman was allowed to keep his winnings as producers let him onto the show without proper checks.

Red or Black, if you’ve missed the pleasure, is and Ant and Dec hosted game show in which contestants can win £1 million. The game is based on luck and tags itself a show offering “ordinary people across the UK the chance to become millionaires.”

What do you think? If people have served their time should they be given the chance to appear on shows like Red or Black?