The rest of you obviously didn’t think to yell ‘judges’ house!’ because you didn’t know it was in Bermuda.

Our first X Factor survey this week (yes, we get lots that we spare you from) was courtesy of Ladbrokes Bingo.

It reckons that a third of viewers would choose Simon Cowell to mentor them if they were a contestant. Nearly as many chose Cheryl, but only 14% wanted Mel B and a miniscule five in 100 wanted Louis the leprechaun Walsh.

And here are your other five X Factor facts:

·         A fifth of X Factor viewers seem to be fans of humiliation. They switch off once the auditions are over.

·         Three quarters reckon the show produces ‘stereotypical, manufactured pop stars’.

·         Over half think it’s better to be a runner up rather than win.

·         60% believe that there are ‘voting fixes’ to keep the rubbish/gimmick acts in.

·         Hardly anyone believes that the winning song should be Christmas number 1.

And if you think a talent [sic] show wouldn’t affect us seasoned travellers, you’d be wrong.

With the judges’ houses stage having been aired over the last few days, there has been a spike in holiday searches for Cancun, Bermuda, Nice and LA.

The X Factor groups visited Louis’ house in Bermuda, the boys jetted off to Mel B’s house in Cancun, Mexico, Cheryl and the girls were in Nice, France, while Simon and the over 25s were at his home in LA.  

Since Friday, out of all the judges’ houses locations, it is Cancun in Mexico that has seen the biggest increase in searches (up 416%) on Searches for Bermuda increased by 276% (actually making Louis’ house the second most popular), holidays to Nice in France, were 110% more popular while searches for holidays to LA were up by 96%.