Allianz 1Cover Travel Insurance said that Aussie travellers aged 23 to 30 made the most claims, with their most common misfortunes abroad including fractures or injuries from skiing and snowboarding accidents, lost passports and damaged personal items.

Motorscooter accidents and gastroenteritis while holidaying in the likes of South America and Asia were also common claims.

Managing director of 1Cover Travel Insurance Eddie Feltham said he was surprised by the figures – and well he might be, considering that it is older travellers who have to pay a higher premium.

Feltham said: “It’s surprising considering that when people hit a certain age they pay a higher premium, [as] the older you are the more likely you are to have an accident.”

He went on: “We can assume that the heightened claims amongst twentysomethings are both due to their stronger belief of entitlement as well as binge drinking and the influence of alcohol.”

Allianz Global Assistance claims manager Peter Teen added that the company frequently dealt with claims where hospitalisations were due to misuse of alcohol and drugs.

What do you reckon? Are young Aussie travellers a liability?

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