How does enjoying the wild outback before chilling with a beer at a barbie on a warm evening sound?

Many of us crave the move to a new way of life and are too easily put off by the stresses this can involve, when there are in fact migration experts that can help out.

Registered migration agents can help you to process your visa, find a suitable job and settle down in your new home.

“The agent can map out the correct pathways available to make the move as smooth and seamless as possible,” said Hannibal Khoury, an agent at Thames Migration.

Thames Migration devote their entire practice solely to Australian immigration and visa work. They conduct seminars across the country, offering bespoke services to individuals, couples and families.

There are tonnes of reasons UK residents choose to relocate to Oz, with some of the top ones being the glorious weather, awesome natural landscape and desirable job prospects for certain occupations.

Khoury highlighted that the top industries that are seeking employees in Australia are automotive, hospitality, horticulture and construction.

This covers so many jobs and diverse interests that there are bound to be loads of UK residents who can benefit. The sooner you get started with your application, the quicker you can snap up a job as a landscape gardener, mechanic or electrician in Sydney, Perth or the Gold Coast.

Thames Migration has strong links with Australian recruiters, Australian employers, as well as settlement and relocation services for Australia, so they can help you get moving with your plans.

If you want to get away for the cold British winter, then you could even be off soon to enjoy a paddle at the Great Barrier Reef.

The Skilled Worker Visa (subclass 457), which is valid for up to four years, only takes around four to eight weeks to receive, while a Skilled Migration Visa (permanent) currently has a waiting time of three months from date of lodgement.

To speed the process along, though, avoid the common mistakes people make when applying for a visa.

With over 10 years of experience as a migration agent, Khoury has come across them all.  

“Australia is welcoming to new migrants; however, you must still ensure you meet strict immigration policy requirements,” he said. 

Khoury has highlighted the top pitfalls to avoid to ensure a smooth process:

  • Leaving out information – A common mistake is to omit certain bits of information on your visa. Australia doesn’t look kindly on misinformation, so it is always best to be completely candid on your visa application in order to avoid jeopardising your future in the country should this oversight come to light.
  • Exaggerating claims – A common mistake is to embellish your claim when applying for a particular visa. If you intentionally embellish your claim with the hope of increasing your points score and the likelihood of getting an invitation, this may lead to your application being refused. If your visa application is refused you will lose your visa application charge and may also be subject to a bar, which prevents the grant of a further visa.
  • Incorrect completion of forms – A form not being completed accurately is another common issue. If you’re required to answer a question on a form, it must be answered. Unanswered questions can cause delays in the processing of a visa application or may result in an application being refused.
  • Not using right visa – Australia has different visas for different purposes of visit i.e. permanent residence or a work visa. Often, people emigrating from the UK don’t actually fill in the right visa form. This is why many people will seek the advice of Australian migration experts prior to applying for a visa.
  • Standard of proof – Many people go to Australia to work, so references are required as part of the work visa. Be sure to provide enough sufficient evidence from your previous employers. Registered migration agents are experienced with lodging applications to the Department of Immigration and have an expert understanding of what is acceptable documentation.

Whatever you’re looking for in your new life, make an appointment with an agent to discuss your objectives and you could be pleasantly surprised by what they can arrange.

Brush up on your Aussie lingo and Australian rules football, grab a beer and you’ll settle in just fine.

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