Wright’s plan to launch a digital marketing company secured him the backing of tycoon Lord Sugar (pictured) ahead of fellow finalist Bianca Miller’s scheme to manufacture a range of skin-toned tights.

The duo had reached the final of the BBC show after 11 weeks of gruelling tasks in which an initial field of 20 candidates was steadily whittled down by Lord Sugar – famed for his catchphrase ‘you’re fired’. Wright excelled in the process, selling £30,000 worth of hot tubs in one episode.

As he celebrated becoming Lord Sugar’s new business partner, 25-year-old Wright – who grew up in Armidale, New South Wales and is a registered TNT reader – admitted his family were confused as they thought he’d come to Britain for a backpacking holiday.

“They’re like, ‘First of all, what’s the Apprentice?” said Wright, quoted in the Daily Telegraph. “‘Second of all, what are you doing? We thought you went backpacking and now you’re on a TV programme with a tycoon starting a business!'”

‘The Apprentice’ this year celebrated its 10th anniversary, and Sunday’s final was watched by an audience of around 6.2m – the best for three years.

Numerous run-ins between Wright and fellow contestant Daniel Lassman were among the highlights of the series. The ruthless Aussie competitive spirit was evident more than once as Wright outmanoeuvred his rivals en route to victory.

“I just acted like I would in my own everyday business, and in business you have got to be ruthless at times,” he told Digital Spy. “You have got to make the hard decisions. You have to run over people to win. People have said I’m sneaky but I don’t think that’s the case. I think it was just doing what I had to and making sure I win.”

Wright, who moved to Britain in 2012, told the Daily Telegraph that he had chosen to chose to pursue his career in the UK because the money-making opportunities were better.

“London particularly is a land of opportunity for young people to start businesses. You can start a business here from your kitchen bench and turn over a million quid – what other place in the world can you do that? In Australia the population’s not big enough and the dollar’s not strong enough.”

Erm, maybe. Frankly, we’re just pleased we can erase that dodgy vision of Lord Sugar getting into tights….