This Sprung fellow must be quite the super cop, he managed to bust a drug dealer in a men’s room stall, with a full bladder.

According to the Huffington Post and Sprung pulled into a 7/11 convenience store on the outskirts of the town of Parsippany NJ. in the early hours of Tuesday morning to use the rest room. Walking into the bathroom he noticed 19-year-old Tolga Gezer sitting on the loo fully clothed, with his back facing towards the door.

It occured to officer Sprung, that something was clearly amiss.

It turns out that Gezer was breaking up a large stash of marijuana into smaller bags in order to sell, using the back of the toilet and a $100 bill.

Gezer, upon noticing Sprung’s full NJ police uniform, tried to hide the stash but by then it was all too late.

Sprung took Gezer into custody and charged him with posession of marijuana and intent to sell. A court date has been set for the young man later in the month.

Whether or not Sprung managed to get his leak away before or after making the arrest isn’t mentioned.

Image: Getty