The RSPCA has launched a nationwide hunt for a youth shown beating a kangaroo unconscious, and possibly killing it, in an online video.

The video, which shows the youth using kickboxing-style attacks on the kangaroo as his friend laughs while filming, was sent to the RSPCA in Western Australia.

In one scene the man pulls the kangaroo towards him and uses his knee to deliver a blow to the animal’s chest.

The youth swings his punches into the animal’s face with great force as the animal struggles to remain standing.

The final punch knocks the kangaroo to the ground where it appears to lay unconscious.

It is unclear whether the attack resulted in the death of the animal.

Native wildlife expert Steve McLeod believes the animal was injured, possibly by a car, prior to being attacked.

McLeod said the kangaroo appeared to be very disoriented.

“It is very unusual for a kangaroo to fight like that, as they invariably flee,” he said.

“I would hazard a guess that it has been knocked over by the car and injured.

“Certainly it has been stunned in some way.”

The cruelty of the attack has prompted state RSPCA bodies to launch a nationwide appeal to catch the culprits.

“We are appealing to every media outlet in Australia to help us track down the cowards behind the vicious attack on this kangaroo,” RSPCA Queensland spokesman Michael Beatty said.

“Thankfully this sickening footage has now been removed from the website where it was first seen.

“The next stage is to ensure that those responsible for this film are brought to justice.

“Only a coward would attack an injured and obviously terrified young animal much smaller than himself.

“We want these cowards to be caught, charged and prosecuted.”

The RSPCA has posted a video of the youth in the film on its websites in Western Australia and Queensland.

Watch the kangaroo attack at