Zagreb in 1-2 days

Day 1

Walking around Zagreb is the best way to explore the city. Start off at Dolac Market and try some of the local produce. From here, head just behind the market to Zagreb Cathedral and wander through the old church. Take a walk to the Gorni Grad (upper town), the oldest part of Zagreb, where’s you’ll find Saint Mark’s church and views over the sprawling the city. Take the route back down to Trg Bana Josip Jelacica and sit down in one of the cafes for a rest and a cup of coffee. In the evening, head to one of the city’s bars or clubs for a drink.

Day 2

Start the day shopping on Ilica, Zagreb’s main shopping street which is off the main square and stop into a slasticarna for a sweet treat along the way – the ice creams are a great choice. Afterwards head to the Mimara museum, with it’s a collection of about 4000 paintings by artists including Rembrandt, Raphael and Renoir. To get there, take a route that goes past the Croatian National Theatre, a beautiful building with Austrian architecture. If the weather is nice, take a tram out to Lake Jarun where you can watch waterskiiers on cable carts and grab some lunch at one of the restaurants. If you fancy some nightlife, stay into the evening and head to one of the nightclubs in the area.