A mother-of-two has told how she was tricked into being a getaway driver after a date she arranged on Facebook didn't quite go according to plan.

Leah Gibbs, 23, set up a date with 21-year-old Adam Minton over the social networking site. However, when she arrived at her suitor's home, he asked her to give him a lift to a friend's. Gibbs drove Minton to a shopping area, and when he returned to the vehicle, he seemed in a hurry and shouted at her to drive away quickly.

Gibbs told the Daily Mail that once back at Minton's house, the police arrived and she was shocked to find herself under arrest for helping him escape the scene of a crime. Minton was accused of robbing a betting shop at knife point as his unsuspecting date waited for him in the car.

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Gibbs told the Daily Mail: "I thought I would be ending the night in Adam's arms. Instead, he had landed in the long arms of the law and I was facing jail."

Gibbs spent the night in a cell before Minton could convince police that she had known nothing of the robbery.

Minton has since been jailed for four and a half years.