Zara Phillips arrived in New Zealand and prepared to be reunited with her CCTV flirt husband, Mike Tindall.

She appeared at a charity fashion show staged by the CatWalk Spinal Cord Injury Trust in Auckland, waring a sleeveless black dress.

The Queen’s granddaughter and her England rugby star husband have been in the spotlight since he was caught on CCTV, kissing and hugging a woman in a the Altitude bar in Queenstown.

This happened after players had been downing shots and Tindall, along with players Ben Foden and Chris Ashton wrestled in the bar’s dwarf racing competition, which the venue described as a “Mad Midget Weekender”.


Sources insisted that the woman was an old friend of Phillips and her husband, who married seven weeks ago in Edinburgh in front of the Queen and the rest of the Royals.

A spokesman for Tindall has said the girl in the bar had attended the couple’s wedding in August.

Phillips’ attendance at the fashion show was a surprise as there had been no publicity about her attendance.

It is thought that Phillips, 30, had brought a planned trip to support Tindall, 32, and the rest of the England team forward.

Phillips is set to meet Tindall in Dunedin, where the England rubgy squad is based, tomorrow.


Tickets for the charity fashion show cost £1,000 and showcased pieces by some of New Zealand’s biggest designers before a charity auction was held.

Phillips, the CatWalk Spinal Cord Injury Trust’s international patron, praised fundraisers who are running the New York Marathon to help the organisation.

She said: “I’m massively proud and in awe of you guys. I think you’re massively strong people to do something like that.”