UFO files containing witness reports of alien spaceships over UK airspace, were made public yesterday by the Ministry of Defence.

The material contains 35 files, including 8,500 pages of alleged UFO sightings and alien abductions reported by the public to the MoD’s Secretariat 2A unit.

The sightings of the UFOs reported come in all shapes, forms and colours.

UFO spotted in Brazil

Pilot reports UFO sighting

One of the more elaborate witness accounts include a drawing of a 40ft tall pink spaceship, sent to the MoD in November 1998 along with a note saying “I have developed contact with these craft and their enemy forces.”

The Ministry Of Defence did not investigate this report further.

In the 1970s reported sightings were common, and a UFO sighting hotline was set up.

The Home Office also decided to issue advice to councils, police and fires services of what to do in the event of a ‘nuclear satellite crash’ (code for UFO crash-landing) in April 1979 .

It says: “There would be a possible radiation hazard … debris from the crashed satellite might be scattered over a very large area, perhaps the greater part of the country.”

After movie hit Close Encounters Of The Third Kind was released at the end of the seventies, UFO sightings rocketed from 438 in 1978 to 750 in 1979.

We want to see a UFO!