X-Factor finalist Cher Lloyd received a death threat via Twitter after wishing her mum a happy birthday on the social networking site.

The singer wrote to her mother Dina “Its mamma lloyds birthday!!! Love you mum! Xxxx.”

A Twitter troll then told her to “shut the f*** up before I kill your mum in front of you”

Feisty Lloyd shot back with: “I’m sure you’d go to jail for that and get into deep s***, come on think about it dumb a**.”

She later deleted the row and Tweeted about her upcoming single With Ur Love instead.

The threat follows Dom Joly’s brush with Twitter troll after a twitter account called @deathtojolykids was set up prompting the Trigger Happy Tv star to call the police.

Joly – who has daughter Parker and son Jackson Tweeted on Wednesday night: "This one crossed the line and I'm going to police."

He then reported the threat on Twitter to : "@MetPoliceUk  and then told the @deathtojolykids account holder:

"Police have been contacted, I have screen grabs, I'll let u know what happens – you can arrest someone who issues a death threat – which you have. I will have you arrested, trust me."

He then told the troller it’s "very easy to trace [your] IP address" and warned them "You need to read the news my friend – up to 16 months prison".

The @deathtojolykids account has since been removed by Twitter.

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