An away-day experience company is offering a four-hour survival course in Droitwich, Worcestershire near Birmingham, the Zombie Bootcamp.

The seemingly never-ending popularity of zombie movies, video games, TV series The Walking Dead, and even mass gatherings around the world for ‘zombie walks’ has led to the creation of an survival course for wannabe heroes.  It’s an opportunity to ready yourself if and when the earth is overrun by hordes of the undead, as seen in the horror films of George A. Romero and numerous imitators.

The course, which offers the “expert guidance of military instructors trained specifically to battle fictional, imaginary characters” includes weapons and survival training leading up to a warehouse paintball battle with zombie actors.

Teams of participants will discuss tactics and get to wear kevlar body armour to help to survive when the ammunition gets low and hungry zombies start closing in.

The website promises that “your friends and family will be in safe hands should the inevitable apocalypse occur any time soon.”

Main image: A zombie walk in Bordeux, France (Getty)