ANC president Jacob Zuma on Saturday condemned the media, some political parties, political analysts and academics for potraying that there was a crisis in the country following the transition that ushered in President Kgalema Motlanthe.

Speaking in Johannesburg at the SA Communist Party policy conference, Zuma said there “so called professionals” had a responsibility to inform and educate the public about the country’s constitutional democracy.

“The international community did not perceive it as a crisis because it is normal there for a party to recall its leaders. Professionals have not internationalised what democracy is,” Zuma said.

“Where is the crisis…The crisis is in the head of these people.” He said the ANC is a democratic organisation that fully understands constitutional democracy.

Zuma said the African National Congress would now work flat out to re-build the organisation in preparation for an overwhelming victory in next year’s elections.

He said:” There is no alternative to the ANC and that no other party has a better programme or policies in terms of the socio-economic programme.”

Zuma is still in attendance at the conference answering questions from delegates, the media was requested to leave the hall for this session.