Four acts were due to perform at the Jongleurs Comedy Club at Oceana nightclub, but the show had barely begun when the 
wriggling beasties began tumbling from above, causing the first comic to abandon their performance halfway through.

One audience member, Sean Denton, told the BBC the maggots fell in a ‘constant stream’, and that it was particularly ‘disgusting’ for those who were trying to enjoy their meals.

Mr Denton and others in the audience were moved by the club’s staff and offered free wine as compensation. The incident is being blamed on a pigeon which squeezed into the air conditioning and expired.

The Luminar Group, who run the comedy night, have since also offered their customers free tickets by way of further apology.

Despite the unexpected insect arrivals, the group has insisted ‘the vast majority of the audience enjoyed the evening’.

Image credit: Thinkstock