Armed with his popular characters, Lottering promises to keep you in stitches.

All the usual suspects are there: Auntie Merle the housewife, Galatia Geduldt, Smiley the taxi dude, Travis the party animal, and Colleen the Cashier from hell. This time, everyone’s going to the airport, so fasten your seatbelts. Auntie Merle has very strong opinions on airline food, while Galatia Geduldt is thrilled to be flying to Johannesburg to “work on her album”, finally.

Marc Lottering is a household name in South Africa. He regularly works in television and theatre, and has scooped numerous awards along the way.

This is Captain Lottering Speaking is not suitable for children.

When: April 4 – 12, from 9.15pm

Where: Soho Theatre, 21 Dean St, W1D 3NE

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