This year he has already been named as one of Rolling Stone’s ‘50 Funniest People in 2013’, Buzzfeed’s ‘50 Hottest Men in Comedy’ and Variety’s ‘Top 10 Comics To Watch.’ Phew.

His comedy uses humour to identify humanity in the most controversial actions. Whether it is a story about his friend ‘Homeless Dave’, or tackling relationship issues – and why ‘like’ is better than ‘love’.

“People kill their loved ones all the time,” he quips. “Nobody ever kills people they like, though. Nobody’s watching you sleep 
through your bedroom window because you’re ‘pretty cool.'”

When: Until June 1 at 7.30pm

Where: Soho Theatre,  21 Dean St, London, W1D 3NE

Tickets range from £10 – £20. To book, click here