How has your show changed since you hit the road last year? 

It’s a very different beast, like a comedy Frankenstein. I’ve chopped and changed, added some new legs, and now all it wants is brains. A monster of a show!

You say you want to be hovercraft rich – what would you do with the money?

I’d book flights to the 2014 World Cup. Turns out Brazil is quite a long way away. Then I’d hire out a totally balling hotel penthouse for me and my friends for the month.

What was the strangest on stage moment of the last 12 months?

I went on stage at the Melbourne Comedy Fest and asked a lady in the front row how her night was. No ‘making fun of her’ business just, “Hi ma’am, how are you?” She then stood up and walked out and her husband had to follow her.

What have you learned from touring?

Not every hotel provides complimentary moisturiser, so when you see that stuff – take it!

Being Black And Chicken And S#%t.
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