Film: This is 40

Knocked Up may have grown up in age in this spin-off, but thankfully the gags haven’t.

Writer, producer and director Judd Apatow doesn’t divert from his stock in trade with myriad flawed characters, a combo of the dry, absurd and crude (anyone who doesn’t like a fart joke is a liar), and centring it all on their relationships.

Starring: Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, Maude and Iris Apatow | 15 | 133mins | Out Feb 14

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Film: A Good Day To Die Hard

Bruce Willis is back doing what he does best – kicking ass as tough-guy everyman cop John McClane, who’s seemingly got ever more grumpy with each passing film.

This time he teams up with estranged son Jack (Aussie rising star Courtney) to combat some Russian heavies and save the world. 

Starring: Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney, Mary Elizabeth Winstead | TBC | 97mins | On general release February 14


Film: For Ellen

Paul Dano is known for being the man who lost his milkshake to Daniel Day Lewis in There Will Be Blood and for conjuring himself a girlfriend out of fiction in the charming Ruby Sparks.

Here he plays failing rock wannabe Joby Taylor, who embarks on a road trip to meet his little-seen toddler daughter in this glacially paced, but critically loved indie flick.

On general release February 15



Theatre: Quartermain’s Terms

It’s all smiles and bonhomie in the staff room at a Cambridge school of English for foreigners in the late Simon Gray’s bleakly funny, socially observant play, until a new principal arrives.

It unwraps the unhappiness beneath the superficial smiles with a sensibly toned down Rowan Atkinson as teacher St John Quartermaine.

Wyndham’s Theatre WC2H 0DA.
Until Apr 13. £25+  
Tube | Leicester Square


%TNT Magazine% Rowan Atkinson in Quartermaines Terms. Credit Nobby Clark

Theatre: Lift

Writer Ian Watson’s programme notes say it’s “a challenge trying to explain what Lift is about” and, though promising, this short new musical – about a love-struck busker who imagines the lives of his fellow passengers in a Covent Garden Tube station lift – is muddled, earnest and overblown.

Soho Theatre 
41 Dean Street, W1D 3NE.
Until Feb 24. £19.50  
Tube | Tott Crt Rd


Comedy: Tony Law – Maximum Nonsense

If you go and see a show with a title such as this, then you’ll be expecting absurd, unbridled silliness, and Canadian stand-up Law provides this, but he is also no fool.

His comedy is laced with a biting wit, self-deprecation and  awareness to make him a performer unlike any other. Definitely one not to miss. 

Soho Theatre W1D 3NE.
Feb 18-Mar 2. £12.50+  
Tube | Tottenham Court Road


Exhibition: Floriculture

The history of cut flowers is the focus here, and opening on Valentine’s Day it couldn’t be more timely.

Did you know Covent Garden was integral to the blooming of the flower trade?

Spare a thought for that bunch of roses you grab hastily on the way back from the Tube this week – they’ve come a long way to your loved one.

Garden Museum SE1 7LB.
Feb 14-Apr 28. £7.50 
Tube | Lambeth North  


Photos: Noby Clark