Musician and comedian Rainer Hersch is taking it so far in fact, as to urge other international acts to avoid the festival completely.

Having toured for over 20 years, Hersch was selected as a drawcard for the New Zealand festival however bowed out after a week of playing for offensively low crowds.

He claimed in a report by The New Zealand Herald that it ‘wasn’t worth the cost of getting there’, after somehow spending a whopping $10,000 travelling to the event, and was then outraged by the cost of hiring equipment, instruments, venues and accommodation.

On his website he vented, “After a weekend that looked full of promise for a growing audience, on Monday evening I played to 27 people in a venue that seats 240 – 360 if you count the balcony.

“That wouldn’t happen in Edinburgh – twice as wet and where a Monday evening really does make you feel like slitting your wrists.

“Just as I was choking on my flat white about the impending disaster, my venue (The Edge, which runs the Town Hall) has the temerity to ask for $300 to do an emailing to promote my show – an emailing!

“Never before – and I include the major concert halls of the world whose boards I have been permitted to tread – have I been asked for money to press the return button on a computer keyboard.”

The very angry comedian even took to Twitter posting, “tried to buy a ticket for my own show at Auckland Town Hall today. Gave up. Website disaster. $5 web booking fee – disgrace.”

New Zealand Comedy Trust managing director Kylie Sealy stated “It’s unfortunate Rainer Hersch has not had the season he was hoping for in New Zealand, as it’s a world-class show that audiences who have attended enjoyed.

“Overall ticket sales for the festival are tracking above 2012. Last night there were 17 sell-out shows in Auckland alone, and many shows added extra performances due to public demand.”

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