It’s about a vampiric flatshare in Wellington, NZ – but think, not so much who finished the milk/ didn’t take the bins out? But rather, who drank the last of the virgin’s blood and then left the rotting corpse stacked so ungainly in the corner of the kitchen? 

Clement stars as Vladislav, an 862 year old vampire who’s struggling to adapt to life and love in the modern 21st century. Well, you would wouldn’t you, if you lived through almost nine hundred years of technological advancement?

Mixing elements of Spinal Tap, Twilight and Interview with a Vampire (not to mention some truly hella cool fashions) it is a bad ass flick that is set to slay the box office (see what we did there?). 

What We Do In The Shadows is released Nov 21 courtesy of Metrodome Distribution.