Little Wing Film Festival is a new endeavour by festival-enthusiast-who-can’t-get-paid, Mariah Mathew, who was fed up with the expectation of having to work unpaid when you’re beginning your career in the creative industry. “Living in London and working unpaid isn’t sustainable”, she says, “it disadvantages those who don’t live at home or have financial support”. Mariah has gathered sponsorship from companies that have donated thousands of pounds worth of software and equipment in hopes to reward the award winners in a way that will help facilitate their next project.

The festival itself is held at The Hen and Chickens Theatre in Islington, a venue with a long history of launching fringe theatre and comedy careers. From September 1-3, the 50 seat space will be showing films from students, graduates, and first-time filmmakers from all over the globe at the small price of £6 a screening. They’re hosting a 4-hour filmmaking workshop on tips and tricks of working with a micro-budget for new filmmakers, with tickets going for £15.

 “I hope people will come to support these kinds of events in the same way that they’re selective over food or clothing; attend the festivals that pay their artists”, she says. “I’ve created this by myself, and it’s a small, intimate festival I put together starting with £200 I’d saved from bartending. I want this to be an example to bigger companies and events that, if a festival like this can reward their artists, so can they”.

If you’re looking to watch some cool shorts and feature films over the weekend, hit this one up and feel like you’ve earned your badge of social responsibility for the weekend.

What do we think of this little film festival with big ambitions?

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