Unrestricted View in collaboration with FMW Films is a collective of award winning theatre and filmmakers. Established in 1997 to write and produce innovative and exciting new work. Combined the companies have produced over 20 plays, five new writing festivals, three feature films, two shorts and hundreds of comedy shows.

This is Unrestricted View’s first foray into Film Festivals and the team of passionate and active filmmakers aim to celebrate the very best in indie film-making from across the world, encouraging all aspects of independent film making to submit their entries. Films must have been completed after Jan 2014 and web series completed after Jan 2013

Keeping submissions fees to a minimal cost (between £7 and £14) the organiser’s goal is for the festival to offer an affordable platform for new work, while aiming to grow the festival next year and beyond to include an ever wider selection of venues and films.

Held in this first year at The Hen & Chickens Theatre, an independent theatre and cinema space in Islington, North London, the festival will run from 25 April – 1 May 2016 with screenings and workshops each day in the cinema upstairs while the pub below will be the networking and meeting space.

The deadline for submissions is 11 April and so aspiring filmmakers have four weeks to get their films submitted for consideration.

 Being passionate about supporting new film-makers, Unrestricted View has chosen to offer Islington based film makers a chance to submit their work with no submission fee. Local film makers should contact james@fmwfilms.co.uk for a waiver code.