To mark the finale of the Sydney Film Festival 2015, Event Cinemas will be showing the very darkest in horror. Great news if, like us, you’re fans of the downright spooky.

Final Girl by Jὅrg Buttereit, starts quite nicely, a young girl alone in an apartment, but it soon becomes evident that she is not alone and the scares become intolerably tense.

In Make a Wish by Michal Kosakowski, a young mute couple find themselves challenged by neo Nazis. As the story deepens an amulet is introduced that is connected to Nazi occupied Poland. It changes the balance in power in such a way that you’ll find it hard to forget.

Andreas Marschall’s Alraune completes the trilogy. It centres on a successful Berlin fashion photographer whose failed relationship triggers an obsession with internet porn and sex dating sites. His new life leads him to a secret sex club where members take a drug extracted from mandrake root. Thrilling sex and hallucinatory horror is the only clue that we’re willing to give.

Event Cinemas George Street 9, Sunday, 14 June at 9:45pm.