The hemp plant has low levels of THC and high levels of CBD, so you can enjoy all the benefits of the substance without worrying about the psychoactive properties of marijuana. It’s been known to help many physical and mental health ailments, not the least of which are anxiety, pain, inflammation, stress, sleep problems, acne, and more. 

There are CBD capsules for sale online, along with a host of other products like oils, tinctures, vape juices, creams, drinks, and more. If you’re in London, you can also find an impressive number of restaurants, bars, and eateries that sell CBD-infused foods. They’re not only delicious, but they also pack a health punch. Here’s where you want to go:  

1. Glow Bar

When you walk into Glow Bar on Mortimer Street in downtown London, you’ll not only feel calmer by the superb CBD-infused eats, but also by the Zen atmosphere. Along with symmetrical shelves, lighting, and seating, the room feels light and airy, and there’s plenty of natural light coming through the big windows. 

Glow Bar was started by Sasha Sabapathy, a famous brand planner who gave up a successful career to become a chef and businesswoman. You can purchase many wellness products, including CBD oil, but you have to try the CBD croissants and truffles. You can also ask for a drink “spiked” with CBD. 

2. Indiebeer

Love craft beers and CBD? You’ll love Indiebeer, an independent liquor store in Islington that sells only specialty beers made by independent breweries. Many of their beers contain high infusions of CBD, including their High Flyer, which is a mixture of Green Times Brewing beer and CBD. Despite the name, it won’t get you high because there’s not enough THC inside it to do so (less than 0.2 percent), but you’ll still get the flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids that can help you gain that coveted entourage effect. 

3. Planet Organic

Planet Organic has locations all over the world, including London. This health food chain is best known for its CBD-based groceries including energy bars, drinks, porridge, granola, and so much more. They also sell a variety of health foods that don’t contain CBD that are worth trying. 

You should also try their coffees. The company has developed a few experimental coffee mixes containing CBD that are quite good. There’s a great coconut oil coffee that contains CBD oil, espresso butter, and, of course, coconut oil.   

4. Farmacy

Farmacy has developed a strong brand around the slogan, “‘Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” Their menu reflects their desire to feed the world with fresh, healthy foods that contain a variety of natural ingredients including CBD in many menu items.  

They were first made famous for their CBD-infused shot called OMG. It’s an actual syringe of CBD, grapefruit juice, and flaxseed oil that’s not meant to be taken through the veins, but rather orally. It’s packed with all the good stuff like amino acids, omega 3 fatty acids, and, of course, CBD. 

5. Maison Bab

This new Kabab House in Covent Garden is headed up by two sous chefs who worked at Le Gavroche, a restaurant that earned two Michelin stars. They first started a kebab shop called Kingly Court’s Le Bab, then Maison Bab, and they recently opened up a third eatery called Kebab Queen. 

Maison Bab is a specialty restaurant that offers vegan dishes, some of which contain CBD. Try their sweet and sour cocktail, Gin & Chronic, which is made with CBD oil, Bombay Sapphire, and lemon. 

6. The Feel Good Café

For delicious coffees containing your daily dose of CBD, try The Feel Good Café. Not only does the café serve amazing mixtures of espresso, but they also make their own CBD oil to put into their brews. So you know you’re getting a quality and sustainable product.

You can also order food containing CBD, including their vegan pancakes with are sprinkled with delicious plant-based flavors and CBD. 

7. Yogland

The frozen yogurt craze continues in downtown London with a health-focused, CBD-friendly yogurt shop called Yogland. The shop claims that their self-serve yogurt varieties are guilt free as their filled with protein and lacking fat and added sugars. Their yogurt is also vegan, and gluten-free. 

They have a very popular new addition to their yogurt lineup that contains 40 percent CBD oil, promising a packed punch of delicious health and wellness in every bite. 

8. Mortimer House Kitchen

You can’t miss the majestic Mortimer House Kitchen in Fitzrovia. It’s a six-floor Art Deco building that serves food rich in the trendiest superfoods. It also has its own wellness center and gym, so it is truly a one-stop-shop for health and wellness. 

With this all-inclusive wellness center, you can truly unwind under the influence of non-psychoactive CBD. Their coffee menu probably contains the best selection of CBD doses, and you can add a shop of CBD turmeric oil to any coffee or food for a little extra.   

9. Kalifornia Kitchen

If you don’t mind the color pink, you’ll love visiting Kalifornia Kitchen on Percy Street. Their menus are famous for serving eco-friendly dishes in every sense of the world. The main focus is using ingredients that nourish your mind and body, making CBD the perfect ingredient to add to a few menu items. 

Try their delicious banana buckwheat pancakes, house made pink croissants, and rainbow bowls along with a CBD latte.

10. Farm Girl 

Farm Girl is an eclectic, millennial favorite that is taking over London, including Notting Hill (the original location), Chelsea, SOHO, and Knightsbridge. It’s famous for its breakfasts, smoothies, and coffees, which can include a shot of CBD for an extra charge. 

You have to try the matcha hot chocolate, which is a mix of CBD oil, peppermint, your choice of hazelnut or almond milk, and chocolate powder.