A collection of Australia’s best known faces from stage, screen and stadium have joined together to save some of the country’s greatest natural landmarks.

The foxy ladies from Fountain Lakes, Kath & Kim, actor Michael Caton, ex-Collingwood footballer Shane Wakelin and musician John Butler have all spoken out on behalf of their favourite places at risk from climate change in a new report from the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF).

The report, Saving Australia’s Special Places, details 10 of the nation’s most significant sites that could be lost without greater action on climate change and a commitment to reduce carbon pollution by at least a third by 2020.

The World Heritage-listed Kakadu wetlands, the Murray-Darling Basin, the Australian Alps and the Great Barrier Reef are all listed as being under serious threat from climate change.

The report finds there could be serious economic and cultural fallout if these places – which contribute to Australia’s $52 billion tourism and agriculture industries and are sacred to traditional indigenous owners – aren’t protected.

“Australia is particularly vulnerable to climate change, but with smart and urgent action we have a lot to gain,” said ACF executive director Don Henry in a statement.

“Our leaders can give our natural icons like the Great Barrier Reef a fighting chance if Australia commits to cutting out carbon pollution by at least a third by 2020.”

TV character Kim Craig, one half of television duo Kath & Kim, is championing the cause of the local backyard – at risk from rising temperatures, reduced rainfall and increased water restrictions.

“It makes me gropable to think that because of global warming, this back garden could soon be a dust bowl!” she said.