One of the things that nearly all countries and cultures of the world have in common is their love and appreciation for good wine. The demand for wine goes beyond biblical times and enjoys unprecedented popularity today.

Several factors have contributed to the popularity of the best wine regions in the world. In addition to the world-class Rieslings and Pinotages produced in Alsace, there are also the Chiantis made in Tuscany, all of which are created in breathtaking settings. However, there are dozens of less-explored stunning wine regions worldwide to discover.

While many traditional wine-making areas are packed with tourists and less accessible, there are many areas where wine-making can be explored on a smaller yet still quality level. Whether you book a tour at or want to find a local tour, there are various wineries just waiting to be discovered. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the most unexpected award-winning wine regions to explore around the world.

Hunter Valley, Australia

Located just a few short hours outside of Sydney, the Hunter Valley is home to some of the most fertile vineyards on the planet. Thanks to the rainforest climate, some of the best grapes in the world can be fostered here. The area is filled with rolling fields of the best grapes, vegetables, and fruits. Discover the area’s beauty, history, and culture by enjoying one of the offered winery tours.

Hill Country, Texas

Texas Hill Country wineries are well known across the state but less so internationally. The area lies west of Austin and north of San Antonio. It covers 14,000 square miles and has grown tremendously in the last decade.

Texas wines are generally made of grapes that flourish in Mediterranean climates. Typical European varietals can be found here. Albarino is a top white wine, while Sangiovese is a top red. Besides single varietals, there are many well-balanced blends.

The area has over 40 wineries. Be sure to visit Hilmy Cellars and Pedernales Cellars while in the area. There’s a beautiful deck overlooking the main road at Pedernales, where you can relax and sip all day. During the grape-growing and wine-making process at Hilmy, all kinds of animals roam freely and play different roles.

Wales, UK

The climate in Wales is ideal for making certain kinds of wines, despite it being somewhat rainy and cool. A hilly landscape, good drainage, and winds from the sea help Wales grow Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Wales has a long history of wine-making, but it has only recently developed a larger wine industry. The number of wineries across the country has increased by 70% in the last decade.

Valle De Guadalupe, Mexico

Many people north of the border are unaware of the wine game in Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico. Nearly 100 wineries can be found in Baja, California, two hours south of San Diego. Valle de Guadalupe’s wine tourism has become increasingly popular over the last decade as wineries along Ruta del Vino have sprung up.

In Valle de Guadalupe, red wine is one of the most popular drinks. Sangria is also popular during the summer, especially in less formal settings. Occasionally, you’ll find white wines like Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, though in smaller quantities.

There are many places for wine lovers to discover beyond the classic European locales. Consider these unexpected and underrated wine destinations for your next vintage adventure.