Native American Casinos v Conventional

Across the United States, there are a lot of varying laws in states in terms of gambling. Not only are there laws applied but there is a different attitude towards gambling in the different places where in some areas it is extremely popular (like Las Vegas) but in other areas, it is very much frowned upon. In terms of native American casinos, the rules are slightly different. As native American gaming bingo halls, casino halls, amusement arcades and other Indian reservations or other tribal land in the USA, these states have limited powers to forbid any gambling and enforce a law. This is all stated in the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988. Right now, there are more than 500 gambling operations run by over 300 tribes. This is generating an annual revenue of over 30 million dollars! There are lots of interesting facts about native American casinos that show this industry is on the increase.

Connecticut Gaming

You would imagine that the most profitable casino in the USA is based in Las Vegas. This is not actually true and although they host the largest casino (Venetian) there is a far more profitable casino based in Connecticut. The Foxwoods Resort Casino is recent in terms of lifespan and opened at the end of the previous century. In 1992 this casino opened its doors in Ledyard and is operated by a tribe. It is earning consistently over 1.5 billion in profit annually (on a consistent basis) which is clearly puts it top on earnings (by a long mile). There are over 7,500 different slot games and 400 table games including the good old favourites blackjack and roulette. With 314,000 square foot occupied by this casino, it is second largest to the Venetian. There are a total of 6 casinos contained in the resort, 31 restaurants, 4 hotels, and over a hundred different retailers. There is an agreement that exists between the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation and the State of Connecticut where the tribe have agreed to give the state 80 million dollars or 25% of its annual slot income (whichever is the largest). Since the opening of this resort in 1992, there have been 4 billion worth of slot revenue from the slot machines generated.

Another native America casino in this state is the Mohegan Sun casino and resort which is operated by the Mohegan Tribe. They opened this casino in 1996 and although it is not as large as the Foxwoods, it still boasts an impressive land mass and games and slots. There are a total of 6,5000 slots and 180 different table games over 580,000 square feet. The Foxwood and Mohegan Sun are only 7 miles apart and are based in the middle of New York City and Boston which will contribute to its success.

Oklahoma Tribal Gaming

Who would have thought there was a total of 113 tribal casinos in Oklahoma? With Vegas being the place for the tourists, Oklahoma has still got a lot to offer people looking to have a flutter. The Win Star World Casino boasts to have the most slot games in the USA over its 500,000 square feet of gaming floor. The location of these casinos really helps with its success as it is currently around a 40-minute drive from Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and an hour from the Oklahoma state line. Bingo also is a big hit in this area and with technology changing in this industry quite significantly, gone are the days people require to sit with their dabbers and electronic bingo now leads the way. With the bingo games, there are also links to other clubs for some games which then allows the payout to be significant. On the right game, if your numbers are in, you could become a millionaire on a bingo game.

Las Vegas

Although not specifically aligned with Tribal Gaming, it is important to understand the comparison to Las Vegas, Nevada. This is known globally as the gambling city or state globally and has gone through some bumpy rides. After the banking crashes, Las Vegas income dived significantly and there were some of the casinos that didn’t make it through this. In addition, the investment in current casinos and building of new ones were put on hold. In today’s time, they seem to have recovered from this completely and the “strip” is buzzing with activity and people looking to win a million. Highflyers will travel to Las Vegas and be treated like royalty with their own VIP rooms and perks. People who gamble a lot of money will sometimes be invited to Las Vegas for free by the hotels, put up in the best rooms, have free drinks and food but also their very own highflyers tables specifically for them. This makes sure they get the most attention and are continuously gambling at the hotel so they can make the money from the player.

These types of players generally know how to play the different games which means that they will use the odds to make decisions. Although in every one of the casino games, the odds are always in the favour of the casino, you should play the statistics in order to make sure you maximise your chances of winning. Even if the VIP player wins a lot of cash, you will find that they are invited back again as generally the rewards are based on a player “turnover” whilst playing and not specifically on what they win or lose. Las Vegas gambling looks to be continuing its upwards trend in terms of number of casinos and revenue and we expect over the next decade for this trend to stay as it is.


As the laws are slightly different for the Tribal gaming, you see that these are excelling in the affected areas and are a direct competitor to places like Las Vegas. Whether it is policed by the Indian Gaming Regulations or not generally doesn’t make much difference to the end consumer – they still generally receive the same level of service.