There are countless advantages to choosing a live-in carer as opposed to residential care for your loved one. For some, the flexibility having a live-in carer can provide, is a core reason for employing a care professional in this capacity. If a close family member requires care but you are for example a commodity trader or you work in investments (find out more here), you will likely need to go in to work and will not be able to work from home. Thus, a live-in carer can make an immeasurable difference.

1. Companionship

For many people who receive live-in care, one of the greatest advantages is the companionship that live-in care can offer. With live-in care you will always have someone to talk with. If you have been living on your own for some time you will know how challenging it can be and how quickly we start to feel isolated. For clients who are less able it may be that seeing friends is no longer something you can do alone, but with live-in you will not have to wait for people to visit, you will always have a companion.

2. Bespoke support

Live-in carers can offer a bespoke service to their clients. Because your carer will be working with you so closely, they will know your needs intimately and will be able to support you in whichever ways you need.  We do not need the same support, which is why having a live-in carer can be so empowering, you will still be able to do whatever you are able to do but you will also have support with those tasks that are becoming more challenging. The duties of an everyday carer might include tasks like cleaning and tidying up the house, changing bedlinen, completing administrative tasks like helping with paying bills and managing debt commitments, shopping, meal preparation or pet care. However, this is not an exhaustive list; the advantage of live-in care is that the carer can provide a bespoke service to the person in need, supporting them with whatever areas of their life they need support in.

Live-in carers can provide a wide range of domestic tasks that enable the person they care for to feel safe and relaxed in a home that is clean, comfortable, and secure.

3. Stay in your home

For many of us, the idea of moving out of our homes and leaving more our possessions behind can be terrifying and doing that to a loved one can feel terrible. One of the biggest advantages of live-in care is that you will not have to leave your home. You will not have to settle into new surroundings and you will not have to leave your pets or possessions. With live-in care, your life can carry on as before but would support in the areas that you need it.

4. Independence

We all fear losing her independence, but with live-in care you do not need to. Live-in carers are trained to deal with low to mid-level needs, which means that clients retain much of their independence. You will be living in your own house and you will be in control of your wellbeing and needs. Your carer will be there to support you in whatever way you need, but you will still be in control.

5. One-to-one support

Another huge advantage of live-in care is that as well as the support being round-the-clock, it is also one-to-one. With live-in care you will never have to worry that your loved one is alone. No matter what happens, or what time it happens, there is always someone there to support you. Your carer will know your needs and your requirements intimately which means that you will be receiving the best possible care.