Are you thinking about carrying out some home improvements in the new year, but the expense and hassle of it is all a bit too daunting?

A survey by Swinton Insurance last year found that only 48% of people felt brave enough to tackle even the simplest of repairs to their property and instead would rather call a handyman in to carry out the work. Hiring a handyman can often be avoided with a little bit of knowledge and the confidence to take on DIY projects yourself.

With this in mind Ken’s Yard have created the beginners guide to hope improvement providing a whole host of DIY top tips to help you master the dark art of home improvement.

Some of the home improvements included in the guide are:

  • How to wall mount a TV
  • How to correctly hang a door
  • Replacing door handles
  • How to lay flooring

Luke Bell, General Manager of Ken’s Yard commented, “We decided to create the interactive guide as a go to place for all home owners wanting to make minor improvements to their property. Whether it be first time buyers who have limited experience with DIY projects or the more experienced homeowner who might want to take on a bigger challenge, we want to give people the confidence to take on DIY projects themselves.”

The Beginner's Guide to Home Improvements
Provided by Ken’s Yard