Changing your bathroom can help you to feel more pampered when you use the space. Should yours be due an overhaul, you may want to think about the ways you can combine nature with some of those comforts that really allow you to relax and unwind. Doing so can create a more tranquil space that you look forward to spending time in.

The allure of stone

If you like the idea of nature mixed with sophistication, then stone vanity units may be for you. These take natural stones and resin and combine them together for a sleek, beautiful effect. Having a mirror in your bathroom, as part of that vanity unit, can help you to deal with your makeup or facial needs. However, as opposed to using a plastic mirror, you may feel like you have more of a sense of style while doing so. Matching your vanity unit to other items in the bathroom, such as the bath, could enable you to properly design the room to match your tastes. Stone can be a great material for your needs as it is non-porous yet still rather simple to clean.

Turn it green

Rather than simply having bottles of your favourite products out on shelves or windowsills, you may instead want to consider placing some different kinds of greenery around your bathroom. When doing so, it is important to note that not all plants may enjoy living in the bathroom. You may want to opt for those that are better suited to tropical climates, as the room may get humid when in use. One of the benefits can be that they may be able to gain water from the air, meaning you might not need to stick to as strict of a watering schedule as standard plants found throughout the rest of your home. When placing them, it can also be good to consider non-toxic varieties that are safe for both pets and people, just in case they come into contact. This may be especially important for homes with young children.

Scent your bathroom naturally

Using air fresheners can be one way of masking unpleasant smells, but this can cause headaches in some people, or come across as overpowering. Instead, there are more natural solutions available. You could consider making your own pot pourri from the petals of your garden plants, especially if you happen to grow roses. This can allow the bathroom to be filled with subtle yet natural scents that last for quite a long time, and make use of the foliage you own. The use of pot pourri may be something that spans back hundreds of years, but it can still show class through your attention to detail within your home.

Opting for more natural luxuries could allow you to find more peace and relaxation when using your bathroom. By considering the different aspects, you might be able to change it from a drab room where your bedtime routine takes place to your own personal spa.