A good house with good lighting can be mind and soul-stirring. Especially, with the recent shift in work from the office to work from home culture, you are spending your day and night in the same environment. Also, with your loved ones around you, your house must always give you positive energy and good vibes. To do so, you need to make sure you have an excellent setup with good décor and lights.

Whether it is your workstation, your child’s playroom, your bedroom, or balcony you need a healthy and conducive environment to flourish at home too.  However, with décor, lights are an integral component.  Wondering how lights can make an impact? Well, for starters good lights mean energy. Secondly, they add to your overall ambiance and productivity levels. Further, using appropriate and different kinds of lights as per your setup can help you with increased focus, attention, and concentration levels.

Best lighting conditions for increased efficiency at home

Natural lighting

The first and foremost kind of lighting that every house needs are natural lighting. The sunlight should be abundant. It keeps the house fresh, and its housemates fit. Good sunlight can help you keep away bacteria and viruses. It brings in warmth and natural fresh air for your home. It is healthy and reduces eye strain and headaches. However, remember a strong glare of sunlight reflecting directly on your screens or devices can make it difficult to view and read. Thus, position the devices accordingly to avoid any interruptions.

Task Lighting

This is a vital lighting condition for any house. The purpose of a task light is to illuminate a particular area of your house. Like for example, a task light placed on a desk can help you with better reading visibility and increased concentration. A task light like a desk lamp can be placed on your work desk. It is small and can be customized for a particular use. Alternatively, you can use floor lamps. Place the floor lamps behind or on the side of your seat. Choosing the one with a relatively focused hotspot of lighting can be ideal. It addresses individual lighting needs and is beneficial for optimal working levels.

Pendant lights

We most often ignore the essential areas like that of a kitchen. It is a crucial area and requires good lighting. Cooking in low light can be stressful and unsafe. Therefore, you must choose the best lights that make it productive and efficient in the kitchen. Like the pendant lights. They are always a safe option for the kitchen. If you have an island or a base with no overhead counters, one or more pendant lights can provide you with ample lighting in that area. You can simply hang them to avoid any interference in your work area.

Further, a pendant light is also advantageous for the general lighting of a room. Place them behind a seating area or place them with a long stem at the end of your couch or in a general coffee area. It will create a cozy and enriching environment with good bright lighting conditions indoors.