Fortunately, there is very little that’s permanent about home decor, and you can mix things up whenever you feel like a change. But you can rely on some foundational principles to decorate your home the right way. Here’s how to get started.

Think about less as more

It’s easy to get caught up in a home decor buying frenzy and lose sight of the idea that less can really be more. From decluttering to choosing a minimalist palette, your home can look amazing with little flourish and fuss, says Better Homes & Garden. Start by thinking about black-and-white color schemes with a few throw pillows for a pop of color. Consider removing furniture and oversized pieces, and instead opting for small couches or a loveseat, comfy chair and small side table to make your room look bigger than it really is by making more space.

Make it personal

Home decor should be a reflection of you and your family. From framing travel photos to showcasing your kids’ artwork on a brightly colored wall, your home decor should feel personal. You can also think about creating rooms around your interests. Someone who loves music can create a room with a piano, vintage records, stereo equipment and music trivia books. Meanwhile, a gamer needs a cave with a big screen, comfortable gaming chair a snack bar. The more your home reflects who you and your family are, the more authentic and satisfying your decor choices will feel.

Keep it practical

Home decor should be stylish and personal, but also practical. Although there’s nothing wrong with having a crazy piece of art or side table that’s totally off the wall, the core of your home decor should be usable and functional. Opt for comfortable furniture instead of stylish but stiff, or a kitchen table that can double as a space to work on projects and homework. And if you’re short on storage space, you can also purchase an ottoman doubling as a storage space or can hold a tray of drinks to turn it into a multi-purpose piece.

Bring the outdoors in

According to studies published in Environment and Behavior, there is a unique connection between nature and our happiness. You can recreate the feel of nature in your own home by adding plants, hanging a terrarium and collecting twigs and wildflowers to create a centerpiece for your dining room. Bringing more sunlight into your home can also help you reconnect with nature. Start by hanging mirrors directly across from a window to create the illusion of more light in small rooms. You can also swap out heavy window treatments for sheer curtains and hang a few crystals to illuminate the light.

Home decor should feel like a celebration of your life and interests. Focus on keeping it personal and practical and slowly add in splashes of color and well-chosen furniture to create the home of your dream.