Here’s how to ensure that your break is utterly relaxing…

Pick the destination carefully

To ensure a relaxing holiday you must first choose a destination that is geared up to provide pure relaxation. This means avoiding bustling cities and a continual party atmosphere. Heading for the coastline and its calming sea breeze, is often your best bet.

This means that as well as picking the right country, you look for the best area within it. You could, for example, go to Ibiza that is famed for its superclubs but head to the north and you’ll find an area that offers yoga retreats, with a focus on wellness – the perfect place to chill out.  

Organisation is key

The quickest way to turn a relaxing holiday into a stressful one is a lack of organisation. Firstly, a travel wallet is ideal to hold your passport and any other important documents, including insurance details, visas if necessary – so, when you need them, you know exactly where they are. Make sure you make a note of any important information including flight, hotel and transfer details – and keep that here too.

Research and book what you can in advance

So, with that in mind, do your research and read reviews, so you know that what you are booking is exactly what you would like from your break. Then, arrange everything you can before you travel. There’s nothing more stressful than trying to organise something at the last minute and wasting time that could be spent on the beach.

Make sure you are near a beautiful beach 

One of the first things that come to mind when you think of a relaxing holiday is spending soaking up the sun on the sand with the waves crashing against the shore in the background. So, when booking your holiday, make sure that you are near one of the best beaches. A stunning setting where you can lay down your towel on sugar white soft sand and get stuck into a good book before jumping in the clear, turquoise water to cool off.

Don’t fill your itinerary with activities

If you are doing different activities every day during your holiday then, while fun, it will be far from relaxing and you’ll no doubt feel tired at the end of it. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do any activities, just think carefully about what you do and spread any activities out through the duration of your trip. If possible, look for activities that help you to relax such as a massage on the beach.

Agree to turn off your phones

You may want to take your phone with you, they actually offer a wealth of apps that are incredibly handy when you travel. However, before you fly, agree to turn them off  when you don’t need them or at least temporarily delete certain ones. Use it as a chance to take a break from social media and don’t check your emails – it will all be there when you get back home! Make sure you take a camera, so you can then leave your phone in the hotel safe while still being able to capture those special memories.

So, where are you and your loved one going to go to relax?