Five small snappers were found swimming and another four were caught later around the pool complex in a bizarre incident for pool manager Brian Rodriquez. 

“[The swimmer] said, ‘Brian I don’t mean to alarm you but I think there’s a crocodile in the pool’,” Rodriquez told ABC. “We got everyone out of the water and we ended up finding five baby crocs swimming around.

“Then we found another two wandering around on the concrete after that as well.”

It’s believed the freshwater crocs, about 20-30cm long and believed to be about a month old, were put in the pool as a prank. 

Rodriguez put the little critters in a turtle tank – after removing the turtle – and was relieved to find the mother was nowhere in the vicinity. 

Three years ago a 150cm crocodile was found next to the Olympic-sized pool and had to be removed by authorities. 

The baby crocs were to be released back into the wild.

Image via Getty