One of the pieces of furniture that more recent bedroom furniture collections have contained is bedroom benches. Benches have a lot of purposes in the bedroom, particularly when getting ready for the day or preparing to retire for the night. But a bench isn’t the appropriate option for every bedroom. Instead, you might want to consider getting two-bedroom ottomans instead.

Both benches and ottomans serve a purpose in the bedroom, and not just as stationary pieces of furniture. You can move them around as you need or wish. If you have a fireplace in your bedroom or like to play with the focal point of the room, bedroom benches and ottomans can help you arrange your room with flexibility.

Not sure which to get with your new bed set? Most people will get the most benefit out of two-bedroom ottomans rather than one bedroom bench. This guide will help you see what you should be looking for while you are shopping for bedroom ottomans on sale.

More interior storage

You can get bedroom benches with interior storage, but getting 2 storage ottomans will give you more overall storage space than one bench. If you have two people sharing a room, having two storage ottomans give you both adequate and personal hidden storage. You can also use storage ottomans to store seasonal clothing and decorations, with each ottoman storing a different season’s attire and décor.

Easier to move about the room

One of the best advantages of a bedroom ottoman over a bench is that it can be easily moved from place to place around the room. This gives you a lot of versatility and flexibility in how you use your bedroom. If you are frequently finding yourself hiding in your room for solace or some peace and quiet, having bedroom furniture that can be adapted to become multipurpose pieces could be a good solution.

If you have a fireplace, you can move the bedroom ottomans in front of it when you want to, and move the benches out of the way to open up floor space on a regular basis. You can also move the ottomans to work with a cocktail table or center around a different focal point temporarily.

Can be paired with a matching accent chair

If you like to read, sew, or do other hobbies for idle hands, consider getting an accent chair that matches the bedroom ottoman. This way you can move the ottoman to the chair when you want to sit and put your feet up, and if you leave it there the bedroom still feels natural and in place. In this case, a storage ottoman could hold your craft supplies or books from your latest to-read list. Pair with an accent table and lamp or a standing floor lamp, as well as a small shelf or drink table.