A car ploughed into 25 people outside a nightclub in Rochdale in a frenzied attack by two men who had been thrown out earlier by bouncers.

The men drove the stolen car onto the kerb and into the crowd. Chief Supt John Rush, of Greater Manchester Police, said: “Dozens of people were coming out of bars. These people were knocked down like skittles. This was a deliberate and reckless act.”

Detectives believe the men were aiming to injure bouncers who had kicked them out of the Dali Bar in Rochdale, Greater Manchester for “unruly behaviour”.

25 people were injured, two seriously, while others dived for safety.

Brad Horton, 17, suffered heavy bruising to his face and leg after being knocked down outside the club, reported The Sun.

He said: “The car hit me and carried on over me. It was like something out of a film. There were people lying all over the floor. They were screaming. It was a right mess.”

Cab driver Habib Mohammed, 37, who witnessed the attack, said: “There was a big bang as it hit a group of people. They were flying up in the air. You could see blood as they lay on the floor. The driver weaved from side to side, revving the engine, as he tried to hit bouncers chasing him.”

A man of 26 was arrested last night on suspicion of attempted murder.